a picture of me.

hey, it's naomi. it/its. she/her. they/them.

fine arts student, wannabe photographer, also involved in web design and interactive art. sometimes naomi does other stuff, too.


Born in august 16, 2000 in a decently populated town in Sicily, Italy.

Growing up, Naomi was really interested in photography, videomaking and interactive art. It got its first digital camera when it was only eight years old; with that in its hands, Naomi captured nearly everything that took its attention.

Two years later, Naomi picked its (already) old computer and installed Photoshop on it. It started messing around with photos it took, and it really enjoyed it. To get more acquainted with computers, it studied IT in high school, but then it understood that was not its path, so Naomi attended the local fine arts academy next.

Still studying at the academy.

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business inquiries: me[at]nyaomi.xyz

do not follow on socials if:

  • you are a minor;
  • you discriminate or hate (or promote those acts) based on ethnicity, religion, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, wealth, disability, etc. (art is for everyone);
  • you promote controversial political views, such as alt-right and far-right ones;
  • specifically, you don't have an open mind about transgender people and their right to exist in this world (and therefore, you invalidate them).