Perceptions, again

If you didn’t already, you should check “Perceptions” and “Low Fidelity Sufference” first. This is the third installment in my “anxiety and angst”-driven hexalogies.

Project description

I wanted to make another hexalogy carrying the original spirit of “Perceptions”.

What sets this project apart is that, unlike “Perceptions”, this hexalogy actually relies on subjects which are deliberately chosen and have an inner meaning to me.

Faces on buildings, the face of a cat, a street light, a tunnel and a welcome sign on the ground. Feel the hopelessness of stuff that could have brought you joy once.

Here the tunnel is red, it will never conduct you to the light; the cat is scared, like I am when I go through my days; the welcome sign is on the ground, because no one really wanted to welcome me in this life; the faces outside, that are shattered and worn out, like my face.

Eventually I will do something about happiness; I promise.